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At Kensington Gardens Flower Farm, we believe that everyone can enjoy the beauty of flowers. That's why we offer a range of experiences that allow you to become a part of our farm.  Come and join us to learn about the art of flower farming, take a workshop, or just enjoy the stunning views of our dahlias and cut flowers.

Visit Us

We welcome visitors to our farm to experience the beauty of our flowers and see what we have for your garden.  


In Person

Kensington, NH

Please contact us to book a convenient time!

By Phone or Text



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Sponsor a friend

Sponsor a Flower Bed

By sponsoring a flower bed, you can help us continue to grow and maintain our flowers, and in return, we'll display your name or dedication on a plaque at the flower bed. Contact us to find out more.

Teach a Class

Have you ever wanted to share your unique flower farming knowlege or skills?

Do you know how to:

Design a Garden?

Create beautiful bouquets?

Collect Flower Seeds

Come share your knowledge!

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