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Annual & Perennial Seedlings

Our Seedlings (by Seed Vendor)
Photos are owned and copyrighted by each seed vendor all rights reserved. 

Seedlings Available Now

Available now:

  • African Daisy (aka Osteospermum) Annual, 10-12" high, Full Sun, Plant 10" apart. 

    • Varieties:  Ecklonis Mix, Purple) Lavender Shades, Sinulata White

  • Celosia:  Annual, 6", 24-46" high depending on variety, Plant 6-12" apart

    • Varieties:  Celway Red, Celway Purple, Plumes Castle Pink, Spicata Flamingo ​

  • Gaura:  Perennial, 12-24" high, Plant 12-18" apart.  

  • Lavender:  Perennial, 12-18: high, Full sun, Plant 12-15" apart, Needs well drained, gravely soil.

  • Lobelia  Annual, 4-5" high, Full sun to partial shade, Plant 6" apart (unless it's in a container where it will gladly spill over the edge).   

    • ​Varieties:  Erinus White Lady, Mrs. Cibran (purple)​​

  • Marigold (Red French):  Annual, 9" high, Plant 8" apart.  Excellent companion plant protecting from pests and diseases. 

  • Petunia:  Annual, 6-12" high, Full sun, Plant 10-15" apart (unless it's in a container where it will gladly spill over the edge). 

    • Easy Wave Spreading Varieties in Burgundy Velour, Coral Reefs, & Neon Rose

  • Scabiosa (Pincushion):  Perennial, 24-36" high, Full sun, Plant 9-15" apart. 

    • Varieties: Fama Deep Blue, Fire King (red) & Salmon Rose​

  • Snapdragons:  Annual, 26-36" high, Full sun, Plant 4-12" apart.  Needs support.

    • Chantilly Varieties:  Bronze & Light Pink,

    • Madame Butterfly Varities: Bronze, Bronze w/ White, Cherry Bronze & Rose ​

  • Stock (Antique Rose):  Annual, 24-48", Full sun, Plant 6" apart.  Early bloomer will wilt in summer heat.  Do NOT Pinch. 

  • Sweet Peas:  Annual, 96" high/long, Full sun to partial shade, Plant 6-8" apart, needs support.

  • Yarrow (aka Achillea)Perennial, 10-12" high, Full sun, Plant 12-14" apart. 

    • Varieties:  Flowerburst Red, Summer Pastels​

Seedling Care

Thank you for purchasing seedlings from our flower farm.  

  • Keep your seedlings safe inside until they are ready to be planted outdoors.  They need either natural light from a window or grow lighting.  I use regular workshop lights for my grow racks.

  • The time for moving plants outdoors varies by variety.   Some flowers like snapdragons and sweet peas can be moved outside a few weeks before frost-free than plants like dahlias and scabiosa which need the weather to be completely frost-free.

  • For Seacoast, NH our frost-free date (Zone 6A is usually mid-May but  watch the 10-day forecast to see if this might be earlier.

  • Seedlings need to be hardened off get them used to living outdoors.  This is a gradual 1-to-2-week process of gradually exposing them to sunlight and wind a few hours a day and slowly adding more time each day.   Start them in full shade regardless of what they need to grow and gradually move them into sunnier locations.

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